Because Legion Personal Loot works so well for raiding (saving time, rewards for everyone - even if often gold ), we are not currently using EPGP


EP stands for Effort Points that players are awarded for raiding. A player's EP only represents the effort that player made to attend raids. Unlike DKP, EP is not spent to acquire loot. EP at this time is 500 per instance.

GP stands for Gear Points. Again, unlike DKP, GP is not not spent to aquire items. When a player is given a looted item with a GP number, that GP number is added to an unchanging base GP of 350. The GP number is produced from Blizzard’s assignment of gear based on gear slot, stats, and gear level. This number is visible on the tooltip when the program is downloaded.


GP Considerations

Depending on the rarity of tokens, there may be limitations on how many tokens each player is allowed.

Loot will never be traded for any valuable item (Orbs or Crystals, for example). GP on any item will never be adjusted in response to a donation to the Guild Bank. The sole purpose of GP is to maintain a Priority list based on how many raids are attended and how much gear is received. Any manipulation of GP manipulates Priority.  On Master Looter, all loot will be offered to the raid, during the raid.  All loot that is not wanted will be either disenchanted (BoP) or sold on the AH (BoE) for gold to continue to fund repairs.

There is one exception:  If there is BoP gear that is due to be disenchanted that is wanted for a transmog, let the officer holding the declined gear know. You will be allowed to trade an enchanting crystal before the exhange time on the gear runs out (normally after the end of the raid). You cannot roll for transmog gear when it is offered by the Loot Master unless you use GP for that gear.  If more than one player wants to trade a crystal for gear due to be disenchanted, those players will roll for the win, based only on the roll.



EP divided by GP produces a Priority list. The Priority list determines which player claims loot. Any player, including recruits, at any Priority may call "need main spec" for an item that their class/spec can use. If your EP has fallen below 5400 EP due to decay and inconsistent raiding, you will need to raid in order to raise your EP to the minimal level of 5400. Even with a minimal or no PR and an EP below 5400, you may ask for looted items on the chance that a given item will be passed over by the Priority players in the raid. This also means that recruits may call need on items they need.

Players with dual specs or offset need may call "need offset." Main spec and raid designated hybrids will have Priority. If two or more players call 'offset need,' the player with the higher Priority takes the item. In the event of identical Priorities, a /random roll will be used to award the item.



As you earn more gear, your GP grows quite large. Even though your EP grows quickly, your Priority drops faster because your EP is divided by your large GP. This could drop you so low on the Priority list that you might not be able to get another item for a few months.

This is resolved by a "Decay" factor. Once a week (Monday after the raid for that night or Tuesday at log in), your EP and GP will both be reduced by the "Decay Factor", which at this time is 10%. Your Priority won't change as long as you are above the minimums, because both EP and GP are reduced by the same proportion (EP/GP X 0.9/0.9 = EP/GP). The Decay Factor allows your new EP awards to increase your Priority faster than it would have otherwise. The Decay also provides incentive to bid on gear rather than trying to keep it high by "hording EP" because it will go down over time.

In general terms, it’s better to choose to win something sooner rather than later.

You may download the EPGP program here. It will enable you to watch your Priority as compared with other raiders. If you do not have the EPGP downloaded, you will be able to see your EP and your GP only in your Officer's note in the ingame guild list. If you have downloaded the EPGP program, you will notice that the GP numbers differ between the Officer's note and the EPGP player list. The EPGP program includes the base (unchanging) GP of 350 plus the addition of the gear points for each item looted. The Officer note holds only the addition of the Gear Point numbers and not the 350 base GP.  You will find an excellent discussion of EPGP here.



  • Share loot based on raid participation
  • Eliminate loot issues
  • Reward players, without favoritism, for their efforts to raid.



  • 5400 EP (9 raids) is the base to enter freely into declaring need for loot.
  • Each raid night 500 EP will be added to the EP of every player that attended for every instance included in that night.
  • Players that find themselves unable to attend a promised raid night will not receive 500 EP.
  • Back-up players will receive EP only for the raids that they attend.
  • When any player is asked to step out of the raid to allow another class/role deemed needed for an event, the player stepping out will receive full EP for doing so.
  • The player that steps in, in such an event, will receive full EP no matter what amount of time is left for that raid. All EPGP will collect on a "main" avatar. Any raiding alts will share/use that one EPGP source. Mains may be changed to another avatar and EPGP will be transferred.


Exceptions to EPGP in Set Team Raiding

  • The Council, for the good of the raid, can override Priority at any time and assign gear that drops for the benefit of the raid. These assignments are based solely on the item that drops and the future needs of the raid. GP will be added to those players when they accept the Council’s offer of any item.
  • All BoE items will be collected and banked (see section on Banking). Patterns (crafting of any type) BOP, making a BoE item: Offered to officers first with a /random. 
  • If Patterns (crafting of any type) BOP, making a BoE item are passed by officers, it will be offered to the eligible crafters in the raid with a /random.
  • BoE crafting mats will be banked.
  • Body parts that are turned in for a piece of gear: /random roll
  • Bags, such as Sartharion's: /random
  • Mounts /random. Mount drops are restricted to guild members


Starting EPGP

0 EP / 350 GP is EPGP base values. Recruits do not have priority for any loot but they may ask for loot that has been passed on and is due to be disenchanted. Recruits must reach an EP of 5400 in order to enter freely into the EPGP looting.  Any BoP recipes, plans, patterns, or enchants will go to either Council, set team, flex team, or flex team alt members of a raid before being offered to recruits.

Players that leave game for a prolonged period are moved to Reserve rank after one month of not logging into game.  EPGP will be returned to 0,0.

All new players, recruits, and raiders returning from a prolonged break will have to raid consistently to bring their priority up.


Variations in GP by Class/Spec

All loot will go for the stated GP on the tooltip. All loot showing two values on the tooltip will go following these guidelines:

  • 2H for everyone (except hunters and fury warriors) will go fo the higher GP value.
  • 2H for hunters and fury warriors will go for the lower GP value.
  • 1H weapons will go for the higher GP value for main hand and for the lower GP value for offhand or tanks.
  • Shields will go for the higher GP value for tanks and for the lower GP value for healers/casters.
  • Ranged weapons will go for full GP value for hunters and lower GP value for melee classes.


Dual Specs

Designated hybrids that play either main spec or secondary spec at the request of our raid leaders will have priority for loot.  Primary or main spec will have priority for loot over off specs that are not used in raid. (Primary or main spec is, of course, the main role that a player has in our raids or was recruited to fill in our raids).

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