General Rules

General Rules 

Listen to the officers
Officers are here to guide the guild as a whole and to ensure that things run smoothly. Refusal to listen to and follow instructions of any officer will result in demotion and/or removal from raid and/or guild.

WoW's ToS.
You must follow World of Warcraft's ToS.

Guild Removals.

  • Recruits who are inactive for a prolonged period without giving prior notice to one of the officers risk being /gkicked.
  • Only guilded players may have access to the main forums. All non-guilded players may only have access to the public portion of the forums.
  • If players need to be absent from the game for a prolonged period of time, they must notify the GM beforehand.
  • Guild reinvites to players removed for any reason are only allowed when a majority of the Council has agreed on it. The Guild Master gets the final say on a re-invite.

Forum Activity

  • All members are expected to check the Spartans website on a regular basis.
  • You do not have to participate in forum threads but if you are a team raider you are expected to stay current with the strats posted and discussed.
  • If you have ideas/strats about any facets of raiding, please post in the War Room.
  • Raiding players are strongly encouraged to read the forums at least every other day.

Complaints/Dealing with Guild Drama:

  • Constructive criticism is always acceptable and welcomed. Most importantly, if you keep your complaints secret and officers are unaware of the problem, nothing will ever change.
  • Guild Members must not second-guess an Officer’s decision to remove a player. It is a decision that is never taken lightly. We will not tolerate any attack on any Officer for having made the decision to remove a player from the guild. If any of us disagree with the removal, we will talk only with the Officer in question about the matter.
  • If you have issues with somebody, talk to them privately. If you can't resolve them privately, then talk to an officer. Creating drama, harassment, begging or whining will not be tolerated. This applys in guild or when noticed in any chat channels, such as Trade or General. Spartans will not let ignorant people tarnish its solid reputation. If players are causing problems or upsetting a majority of the guild with his/her words or actions, they should receive one warning from an officer that his/her conduct, if continued, will result in guild removal.

    Elastic Clause
    If something comes up that has not been addressed in these guidelines, officers have the right to make decisions based on their experience as a player and instincts as an officer. Officers are veteran players with leadership skills and game experience. Remember, your actions are subject to the scrutiny of the council and the Guild Master.


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