Raid Rules

Raid Rules
All raiding spots are competitive

Be on time.
Be online and at your keyboard for invites at 7:30 pm game time. 
Do not rely on a summons. 
Plan to be at the instance for the invite.  
Pulls start at 8:00 pm.  

Avoid Delays!
Take care of your pets and/or children and spouses before invites.
Do not leave the raid area to repair.  There will be Jeeves and Mammoths available.
If you disconnect but can still use vent, let the raid leaders know you are trying to get back online.
If you have a power outage, plan ahead and keep Martha's text/phone number handy (numbers posted in forums, or ask ahead of time).
If you are offline more than two minutes, a replacement will be made as soon as possible.

Ventrilo is required at least to listen
When you die, the entire raid already knows.
Avoid talking over any Raid Leader.
Keep Vent clear for battle instructions during fights.
Keep your comments and jokes "raid-worthy." Know your audience!  Having fun on raid downtime is great, but downtime is not a stage for a single player.  Don't monopolize the time by trying to be the only person talking or cracking jokes.  Be aware that we try to keep our downtime to a minimum.  Keep your chatter to a minimum also.  Listen for the raid leaders trying to get us underway and at that point, cut it off.  Do not talk during pulls or fights. You will be called out if you develop dysentary of the mouth!

Be prepared.
Required addons installed and functioning.
Know the strategies specified in the Raid War Room forum.
Be fully repaired and have repair money.
Be appropriately specced in PvE gear.
Make sure that you have correct glyphs, gems, and enchants.
Make sure that you upgraded your gear as gather the required VP.
Have consumables (Flasks, Food, Potions, Reagents, etc).

Take care of yourself.
You shouldn’t ever be relying on heals as a ranged DPS class, and rarely as a melee. It’s your job to identify and move out of any AoE attacks, and unless the fight has a specific unavoidable damage (like Gluth, for example), you should be doing what you can to mend yourself, not only to conserve healers’ mana, but to allow them to focus on the more important things, like keeping the tanks alive. Sometimes you do need a heal, and that’s why there are healers assigned to “raid heal”, but there are clear limits between NEED and WANT. If you ever find yourself blaming a healer for your death when you wanted a heal, go shoot yourself in the foot, and realize the difference between NEED and WANT. 

If you must go AFK whisper the raid leader (or Martha) and announce it in chat. You should try to limit AFKs to natural breaking points during the raid. There will always be a break around 9:30pm when we raid for three hours. If there is a chance your return will be delayed, hearth or ask for a port out to avoid complications with fights and to allow quicker replacements.  

Make sure to mark the in-game calendar as soon as possible.  If raiders or recruits cannot make a raid due to real life commitments, mark the calendar as "declined."  If you have accepted a raid and cannot get back online to decline that raid, text Martha.  Please try to notify the guild as far in advance as possible about missed raids so that there is time to find a replacement player.  
When emergencies in real life, (electrical, work, illness, etc.) happen, please contact any officer as soon as you can or feel free to email or call Marthazon.  Her contact info is in the Raiding Comments forum.

When using group loot, use the BlizzardUI roll window, need for main spec, greed for off spec, disenchant for mats. 

All BoP items have a 2 hour window in which they can be traded with other raid members (for GP) so BoP items will not be disenchanted before that time is up.  If you want something after it was originally passed on, please be sure to talk to an officer (the loot master) as soon as possible.  Once that 2 hour window closes all BoP items will be disenchanted and mats placed in the guild bank. 
Do not open a body to check the loot or to retrieve quest items or gold.  All loot will be linked by the Master Looter. Quest items will be available on the command of the Master looter.  Failure to respect this rule will result in no epgp and no loot for the rest of that raid and and a deduction of 300 Effort points.  Please keep raid chat clear, only type "need" or "need off" if you want a particular item for either main spec or off spec.

Raiding with other guilds

The game must always remain fun in order to hold a player’s interest. Spartans would like members to find that fun in guild, but recognize that sometimes fun is going to be found raiding with friends in other guilds.

Because Spartans is still in the process of building a solid body of dependable raiders, we have to ask that any member of raiding rank (including recruits intent on becoming raiders in Spartans) check the forum calendar to be sure that they will not be locked out from a scheduled raid. If there is a Spartan run scheduled either the same day or within the subsequent lockout period, please talk to an Officer. This is not about asking for permission to run with your out-of-guild friends. This is to give Spartans, your guild, the opportunity to claim your expertise, if needed.

Some instances, with shorter lockout times, are a little more forgiving, but you still need to check the calendar for Spartan runs into that instance. Again, if there is a conflict, talk to your an Officer. Don’t forget to check the reset calendar (scroll all the way to the bottom of the signup calendar page) to determine the time you would be prevented from attending a Spartan run into one of these instances.

Damage Meters and Combat Logs

We do not run damage meters during a raid, although individuals are welcome to do so.  We do ask that players do not spam damage meters in raid chat, class chat, or guild chat to avoid distractions.   Stats for each raid are found in the Combat Stats tab.  Also remember your role in a raid.  DPS players, use your non-DPS abilities to assist the raid (i.e. misdirects, decursing, etc.)  Tear your fingers away from your DPS buttons for a second and take the two or three global cooldowns required to help the rest of your raid group. Good players do good DPS. Excellent players do good DPS and add utility to a raid group. Be an excellent player and spread your focus outward. It’s not just the meters that make the DPS. DPS is not the end-all be-all of your role in this game. Look up from your cast bar for a few seconds and take a look around at your buddies. Help them out. They would help you out. Right?

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