Raid Scheduling

Spartans Raid Scheduling Information


1.  Our raid week is two days long. Tuesday and Wednesday.
2.  Spartans raid with a set team of regular players.  If you are accepted for raiding, your name will be shown on the in-game calendar.
3.  You must check the in-game calendar frequently. Our pool of available raiders can change quickly. 
4.  You must click "accept" the invite to raid on the in-game calendar.
5.  You must update the calendar if your status for the raid changes.  Click "declined" or "tentative" as needed.
6.  We cannot always raid husband and wife raiders on the same day or sometimes not even in the same week, especially if they expect to raid in the same class.
7.  Raid slots are competitive. We expect every recruit or guilded player that wants to raid regularly to be researching and improving their raiding character.
8.  Players that don’t become regular raiders will still have raiding opportunities, as backup players, but on a sporadic, at need or as able basis. The raid leaders will determine if they feel that a backup player has the skill and strength that the raid requires at that point in time.

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