Guild Ranks

Spartans do not have a system of promotions through various ranks. Players are only recruited to create a raiding team. There is some movement between Raiding Citizen and Citizen based on the needs of the raid and the availability of the raider. This movement is not considered a promotion or a demotion. Promotion to officer rank is not a possibility in Spartans.


Guild Officers







Inactive Officers

Arctanis, Killian, Sabreclaw, Bryhn


Raiding Citizen, Citizen, And Alt Citizen

All members are ranked as Citizens, Alt Citizens, or Raiding Citizens. To raid, players need the approval of the raid leader. If gear and experience seem resonable for the raid., the players name will go on the calendar.  All new players will be ranked as citizen, but with acceptable gear levels will be assigned to raiding as soon as possible in order to determine abilities and skills.  Lack of gearing, understanding of abilities, and game skills may mean that a player will be removed from the weekly raids and instructed to work on improving if they truly wish to raid.

Raiding Citizens are players that continue to try to raid as much as possible.

Players that can only raid now and then, based on their real life obligations, can continue to improve their gear and experience through PUGs and LFR.

Alt Citizen rank is given to the alts of any player of any rank. We do not normally raid alts on our regular raid nights. We maintain this rank in order to see how many actual players we have in guild. Alts may be invited into the guild even as while the player is a recruit. This allows the recruited player to farm, bank, use alts as they wish in game and still be part of the guild chat. Alts do not get the same raiding rank as the main character and are always placed at alt citizen rank. Council (Officer) alts will share Council rank so that officers have access to their obligations at all times.

Friends or Family

Spartans does not have a friends and family rank but will consider requests to guild a family member. Leveling and playing as a Spartan always carries the rank of Citizen. 

Raiding Citizens

Raiders are selected for their playing strengths, knowledge of the game, teamwork, drive to succeed, and willingness to push for guild progression. They make every effort to show up for every raid, displaying teamwork and knowledge of their class and raid events. They post out promptly and are aware that they might be asked to sit out a raid in some circumstances. 


Inactive accounts. Occasionally used as a temporary rank for an active player that is suspected or known to have been hacked. In general, Reserve members will be removed after one year of inactivity unless the player has an active main still in guild.

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